Technical Climate control Fiat Grande Punto 2006

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Technical Climate control Fiat Grande Punto 2006


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Aug 14, 2022
Hello guys,

I have a Fiat Grande Punto 1.4, 2006 model. Since some time my climate control and fans are acting strange.

A couple of weeks ago it sometimes stopped working, and all of a sudden it started blowing really hard, and then less hard, and then harder, and so fort.

Since last week it’s not really responding when I try to manually change fan speed. Sometimes it does respond.

When I try to push the fog clear button, I see on the screen the fan speed is going up, but it doesn’t blow. Sometimes it starts blowing, and then it stops again.

Someone any idea how I can fix it? Maybe the resistor? Or maybe the fan motor?

Any help would be appreciated.

You could try the reset procedure:

1). Switch the ignition key to on. (Do not start the engine).
2). Press and hold the AUTO and MONO buttons until numbers on the screen stop changing.
3). Release the AUTO and MONO buttons.
@Davren So, I tried this and somehow I got more control of my unit, switching fan speed. Great! Thing is, I could not reset it fully, because the right side digits kept changing without stopping. The left side temperature is now blinking constantly. What does it mean? :)
Just found the full procedure from the Fiat workshop manual.


The self-learning procedure must be carried out using the Examiner (automatic procedure) or following the instructions given below (manual procedure).

1. Carry out the key on and within 40 seconds press the AUTO and MONO buttons simultaneously and keep them pressed.

2. After a few seconds a figure will appear in the left temperature display and decrease from 05 to 00 (countdown) indicating the remaining time before the start of the procedure (keep the AUTO and MONO BUTTONS PRESSED).

3. When the left temperature reaches the value (00), releasing the auto and mono buttons will initiate the procedure lasting about 40 seconds.

4. Entering into local fault diagnosis, at the end of the procedure, the right temperature may display the following values:

00 = SELF-LEARNING taken place with OK outcome

01 and flashing = SELF-LEARNING taken place with NOK outcome

02 = SELF-LEARNING in progress

03 and flashing = SELF-LEARNING not completed

The self-learning procedure does not take place if the AUTO and MONO buttons are released before the left temperature reaches zero.

The control unit makes the left temperature flash if the self-learning has not been carried out or if the result is not positive.


When in progress, the self-learning procedure may be:

1. Aborted: when the user deactivates the key on signal.

In this case the system exits the procedure in a controlled manner without changing the state of the self-learning information memorized previously in the EEPROM and memorizes the data relating to the "self-learning not carried out" state.

2. Interrupted: when the +Battery starts to fail

If this takes place whilst the data is being stored in the EEPROM, the system does not manage to guarantee this information and the data relating to the "self-learning not carried out" state is memorized.


If the procedure cannot be completed properly due to a problem with one or more of the actuators, the system exits the procedure without modifying the data memorized previously in the EEPROM and memorizes the information relating to the "self-learning not carried out" state.