Citroen Relay - Oil Pressure Light not working! + Fans not working!


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Aug 5, 2007
Hi everyone,

Sorry to post a question as my first post!

Me and my dad bought a 1998 Citroen Relay 1.9 diesel (non turbo).

We bought it with a broken windscreen, so we will replace that and hopefully take it about 1500 miles to bulgaria next week.

Only thing is - we have since noticed that the oil light doesnt come on at all. not even when you switch the key on and the lights come on.

We have changed the bulb, but no luck.

I was just wondering if anyone knows where the oil pressure switch is located? Thinking that this might be faulty!

Also - on another note - the fans arent working! It takes AGES to get hot, but fans didnt swithc on. I checked the relays, which were fine, and checked the fuses, again fine. Anyone know anything that might stop them working? IF i cant find anything, in the worst case I will probably have to put them on a switch. The van has never overheated, it literally takes AGEs to get hot when stood, let alone driving, but temp has been as high as 42 degrees over there recently...