Styling Cinquecento Alloy Wheels

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Styling Cinquecento Alloy Wheels


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Aug 2, 2002
Co. Durham
I own a 1997 Broom Yellow Fiat Cinquecento Sporting and am thinking of selling my current wheels and tyres and buying some new ones.
I was wondering what is the largest wheel size I can get with out doing any Arch mods or them scrubbing.
I 've heard that 15" can be added but a lowering kit is required as well, about 40mm drop!
These wheels fit 195,45,15 tyres does anyone know if this is correct or does anyone know better or can someone plese point me to a place where I can find out. Has anyone got 15" alloys on their car or know anyone who does. If so can I have thier e-mail address to get in contact.

I hope someone can help me out, thanks very much

This is some information I have found on another website and I thought I would let you guys know! I have no idea if this information is correct and would be very greatfull if someone would conferm it! Thanks

The options are :
Tyre 175/50X13 Wheel 5.5X13
Tyre 185/60X13 Wheel 5.5X13 or 6X13
Tyre 195/55X13 Wheel 6X13
Tyre 175/50X14 Wheel 5.5X14 (Seicento Sporting with Abarth pack)
Tyre 185/50X14 Wheel 5.5X14 or 6X14
Tyre 195/45X14 Wheel 6X14 or 6.5X14
Tyre 195/45X15 Wheel 6.5X15

I've heard that all of the above combinations can be fit without arch modifications if you know otherwise let me.
I've also heard that
Tyre 195/40X15 fit with 6.5X15 wheels.
Does anyone have this option on their car and if so can you tell me if they fit without arch mods.
Thanks very much

is a good place to look, there's a Yahoo egroup to join on there with plenty of people who've done what you are asking about.

Cinq sporting
Does anyone have Novitec N4 15's on their Cinq ???

I'm not sure whether they are 6x15 or 6.5x15

Can they be fitted a 20mm lowered Cinq with 195/45-15 without arch-modifications ????

Kind regards from Denmark,
Søren C. Fischer
ive jus put a set of 15" oz wheels on my car i havn't modified my arches but on the rear i had to use 8mm wheels spacers to stop them from rubbing it could do with being lowered around 40mm the front rub a little on full lock i put 195/45/15 tyres on them the wheels were off a corsa so i had to use wobbly bolts.
Pmsl have a look at ur dates mate :) those wheels have probley been recycled into a nice set of aluminium window frames, or a window cleaners ladder, maybe even another set of wheels :p

Tyre size chart is handy though
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