Technical Cinquecento 899cc can the engine be replaced

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Technical Cinquecento 899cc can the engine be replaced


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Jan 22, 2006
Hi, can the engine to my Cinquecento 899cc be replaced with something that have more power.Which type of engine will fit with minimum modifications.Thank You.
well your 1st port off call is the sticky FAQ's in the cinq section.most engine upgrades are covered there though buying a sporting is a smarter move and a better base for further engine upgrades
TBH, if the 899 isn't particularly special to you, then I would buy a Sporting. They are only slightly more expensive but it would be cheaper and easier IMO to sell the 899 and buy a Sporting :)

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Thank You for the quick answer.I,m from BG and here we do not have big choice of sporting.My frend can give me a Uno 1.3 turbo engine but i dont now is it possible to fit in my Cinq.
you still have not looked in the faq's as per my 1st post have you?
It is possible, but it is not an easy job. you'll need:

sporting gearbox, driveshafts and engine mounts,

the ut motor, plus the entire engine wiring loom and exhuast manifold.

You then (if i remember correctly,) have to cut a piece out of each wheel arch and weld in a new plate. Also you really should upgrade the brakes, with a big brake kit (you'll need 14" wheels to fit this,) from a punto gt, and the rear disc's off an uno turbo, which requiers a a mount making along with new brake lines.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, I'm sure someone who has seen or done one will be along shortly to fill you in on what I've missed!