Technical cinq/sei spi performance chip AKA mckcritch

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Technical cinq/sei spi performance chip AKA mckcritch

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Nov 4, 2003
The mckcrich Chip

michael mckritch produces a chip for the Fiat 1108 and 1242 "fire" engines with single point injection (spi) using the Magnetti Marelli IAW 16F series ECU

ie, Cinquecento and Seicento (mk 1) Sportings and Punto 55 and 60s. [contact mckcritch for info about use in 899 cinqs]

Search on the cinq forum and you will see plenty of posts from very happy mckcritch users

These are the most used threads.

The power/torque statistics are in the first link and the power/torque graphs are here: (these are for the 1108 Engine)



The chip will work fine with an induction kit and a bigger exhaust. most people have these mods.

These are the options:

The "Universal Chip" which disables the immobiliser these can be fitted to any 1108 or 1242 spi fire engine. These are £45.

The "Specific Chip" for Cinquecento and Seicento only, these keep the immobiliser active and are coded to the specific model range. These are £55. I need the code printed on the label on the original chip inside the ECU. If you let me have your email address I will send you instructions to remove and open up the ECU.

You can pay by Paypal or direct to Mckrich's account or as a last resort cheque/postal orders

mckcritch would prefer direct to his account or paypal, he doesnt have to go to the bank and so you get your Chip much quicker.

To order or to get further information contact Mckcritch by:
Private message or email to [email protected]

chip fitting instructions
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