General Cinq MOT fail front - front washers

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General Cinq MOT fail front - front washers


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Oct 28, 2021
My son's much loved Cinq has failed the MOT due to the front washers not working. The garage won't investigate and want me to take the car elsewhere. :(
I have seen on a previous post that there are two washer pumps on an L reg Cinq - one for the front washers and one for the back washers. The back washer works on my son's car. It was mentioned that these were located in the wheel arch.
Can someone let me know how I can remove the wheel arch liner so that I can see these pumps and ascertain if I can try switching the connectors over myself to test to see if this is a motor issue or something else? If anyone has any experience of doing this I'd appreciate your view on someone who can understand the theory would be able to carry out this test with minimal tools.

Many thanks

Yes there are two pumps on the Cinq and I swapped mine over when the screen pump failed.
I got a new generic pump to fit, but it is still in a draw many years later.

Removing the arch liner is "simply" a matter of taking the wheel off then removing the various screws and wrestling the arch liner out.

Once out, they appear to grow in size.... you'll wonder how it came from such a small space...!!