Technical cinq 899cc sx -does it have a red key?

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Technical cinq 899cc sx -does it have a red key?

no. early edition ones came with 2 blue/black keys IIRC. What reg is the one you are looking at/own?
charton said:
Hi all, do they come with a red key?
Depends entirely on the age. If you have a standard immobiliser, then you would have a red key.
Right...lets clarify this:

Mk1 Cinq (94-95) - 2x Black Key only - this car has a crease in the tailgate
Mk2 Cinq (95-EOL) - 2x Blue Key and Red Key - this car has no crease in the tailgate
This may be a stupid question, but is the red key all red, as my wife was given
2 keys, one was just blue in colour, but the other was blue with a red block to one edge, is this a marker for the red key, or is it still just another blue key.
The car is a 97 Chinq
red key aont the be all and end all. i've never needed mine and ive had the engine in peices, and even swapped the engine out and never needed the red key