Styling cinq 899cc exhaust system and body kitss

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Styling cinq 899cc exhaust system and body kitss


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Feb 2, 2006
i no this has prob been asked loads of times but i cldnt find anythin by scanning through n even if i did it wld prob of changed by now, just wondering is there a full uprated system available for the cinquecento 899cc sx if so where can u get it from?

also, looking around i can only find 3 body kits the storm, phantom and savage kits. is there a wider range available im missing or r there similar sized/shaped cars people modify kits from?

sorry for being a newbie bout this
hi m8 u can get a cat back system made by sportex, janspeed ect... but full systems are custom made jobs and manifolds only available for sporting

as for body kits look on ebay a company called joy tuning make two different kits for it. But they are a hit n miss company some parts mite need a bit of moddin to fit my kit needed an arch kit n it was fine n im usin 15" alloys with 205/45/15 tyres no rubbin lowered 40mm.