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Ciao from Marco

Feb 22, 2006
Ciao, My name is Marco and my mastery in english is rudimentary so I will keep this short.
You want to be updated with the latest news about cars from my country, go on you can also try to improve your italian as well as I am trying to do with your wonderful language.
And, finally, to reply those who wrote that the interior of hte new punto looks crap (?!) I ll attach a picture showing that is just up to you.
Watch the colors!
Hey, why so few brits come down to Bologna for the Motorshow in December?
It s just french and germans, i don t like the french!
gimme an email if you want to come down for hte motorshow, my friends and I will find a spare bed for you ...
Buona notte.


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bulldog5046 said:
yeah, i think english should be the devine language :p and use smaller words, what the hell does rudimentry mean? guess its important or similar

your just jealous he speaks better english than you :rolleyes:
Hello Marco and welcome to F/Forum (y) You dont like the French :eek: well join the club mate :p I mean what kind of person eats snails and frogs :yuck: Now the Italian people ?well thats a different subject all together I mean a country that produces fast sexy cars great opera singers and beautifull women Mama mia (y) and not to forget Italian food :yum: