Technical Choking engine light flashing when accelerating

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Technical Choking engine light flashing when accelerating


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Oct 17, 2007
Hello, so glad to have found this site !

Maybe someone has Had a similar problem…
I have a 2001 1.2 Punto (known as Mia) it s got about 45000 miles on it and a small while back when i accelerated it started to choke slightly and the light on the dash went on (the one with the engine)
So being a girl when this passed I thought nothing of it…and it s still happening ofcourse more then before L

This happens nearly every time I accelerate/ well when I start of in a gear (mostly 1st and second…occasionally third)

I know I ve gotta go to a garage ASAP cos that’s what the little book in my [COLOR=#f77e1d! important][COLOR=#f77e1d! important]car[/COLOR][/COLOR] said but I would love to hear from anyone who knows what this could be or who has had a similar problem…

Thankyou Fiat lovers!! :) (y)
I would do what chris has said try replacing the spark plugs, you could also replace the ht leads and see if that cures your problem if not though it could be anything when the engine management light is on, best bet and fastest option would be to put it on a diagnostic machine then see if any errors come up.
I appear to be having the same/similar problem, but I'm using the car at night when it's at it's coldest and dampest, I'm going to try WD40 around the engine electrics first and see what happens. Then maybe work back from plugs and leads, and try a bit of trial and error from then on. I can't believe it can be the plugs, but then, I'm no mechanic.
Back again, I mistakenly bought and replaced ECU (they ain't cheap), but after having it looked at by a mechanic, he found that the plugs leads were arcing, and replaced them, along with a new set of plugs, so all's well at the moment.