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Cheers Guy and Speak Soon,


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Jan 9, 2005
Thought I'd make my last post to say thanks to everyone on here who has helped me over the last 3 fiats I've owned. But Yesterday I took a plunge...

Drove a new car yesterday, was pleasanty suprised, was the 1.6 16v , in a nice shade of blue.

Jumped in the car, to be filled by the big comfy seats, ( really comfy ) This model 2002 had air con, cd stack, full electrics etc.

So took it for a spin, was really smooth, suspension took most of the bumps, and the engine was suprisingly pokey for a big car, and the engine i must admit sounded nice.

The car felt more solid than a GT does, considerably less power but yet, much more sterdy and safe.

Even me at 6'6 I fitted perfectly into the car, After driving the car for about 20 mins, on and of motoways, I had a look what it came with.

2002 model, 31,000 on the clock, with 2 services every year, with the last one over £300 in keeping it up to date. 12 moths mot with it, 2 years unlimited milegae parts and labour guarantee and 2 years free rac cover, also thrown in 3 years VRI ( vehicle replacement Insurance, if your car is written off you recieve the amount you paid in the forecourt and not the amount insurance give you ).

Yes I can hear the boo's and hiss's but TBH I really do like the car. Its 5 doors, which is going to be better, as with the mrs and maybe a little one on the way soon a 3 door would not be suitable. averages 35/38 mpg ( hell of a lot better than the GT )

I know the GT was fun, and it was good while I had it, but the £700 in 3 months did it for me. I am taking a plunge into a Peugeot, ive read reviews on these cars and peugeots in general, Yes I admit they arn't great. But I really did like everything about this car, and thought it was great. came with everything I needed, and had been very well looked after.

So the GT is going for part ex unless I can sell it before Saturday...

Just to say thanks to everyone, Dave ( countless help on numerous occasions and for supplying parts when I needed it, helz ( for your help and running a nice convoy to our cruise meet few months back, Loads of others who have helped me, and Loui B, For making me want a GT in the first place, Your a top Guy. Beau, for making me laugh constantly when reading his posts ;)

Cheers everyone and maybe I'll have another fiat soon ( well 4/5 years )

Here is a few pics of the New Car....




Spot The GT


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You'll be back ;) Lol

Not that bad a car learnt to drive in one of the HDI's..

Slightly different driving style to a GT though hey :D
Ever so slightly :p

Going to miss the turbo, but i'd give a turbo up for a ride that doesn't require major work every month,
GhettoMoose said:
Ever so slightly :p

Going to miss the turbo, but i'd give a turbo up for a ride that doesn't require major work every month,

That was my plan didn't quite work though :eek:
bet you cant resist comming back dispite not owning a fiat ;)
GhettoMoose said:
Ever so slightly :p

Going to miss the turbo, but i'd give a turbo up for a ride that doesn't require major work every month,

Haha. My mate is a peugeot mechanic and those 307's arent all they are cracked up to be...

Sad to see you go moose, one less gt on the forum :cry: Good luck with the peugeot and i hope they give/gave you decent money for the punto.
Take care mate (y)
My aunties 307 just lost power when doing 70 on the mway- 1 full day in the dealers and she was told a bunch of sensors failed and also the ECU had to be re done

Thank god for warranty.

Its also just been recalled and going in next week for something to do with ABS.
Good luck with the new car.

Just because you've no Fiat anymore doesn't mean you can't come on, just drop into the LL all the time like the other exiles!


Good luck with the new Pug (y) I was reading your post, trying to find what car it actually was then saw the photos of it lol- not what I expected (coming from a Punt GT!) I quite like the look of 307s.

But why are members saying things like theyre not what they're cracked up to be etc....(n) :rolleyes: The car's been bought now so whats the point? Ghetto's happy, end of.

Anyway, stay around and help with the non-Fiat section campaign :p
Cheers for those comments guys, yeah I no doubt will be browsing the LL and maybe punto part, maybe I can answer some questions from my experainces.

Thanks again guys, your a great bunch!