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General cheep uno turbo

here's another dirty cheap UT from my country. and it even says it's not the last price :D i'm tempted :devil:
good to see that there is some interest on the car.

Dunc is right it is only good for the engine. wouldnt be hard to drop it into a 1.0 shell and someone would have a fast car. everything is there for the conversion.

it runs and drives and for the money you aint gonna get much else.

it will need a full service doing to freshen it up as its not ran for three years until the other day, it runs and idles fine but does cut out and wont start for 5 to 10 minutes every minute or so when the engine is running. sure its something simple like an airflow meter or could be sorted buy changing the dizzy and rotor along with all leads and plugs.