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Apr 26, 2007


Ohhh my, yes.
Jun 5, 2009
Halfords have started an "up to 50% off sale" on "all of our Sat Navs". Which means you get maybe two with the full discount and a tenner off here and there.

That said, they are knocking out Navigon 1200s for 70 squid a pop. Upon reading reviews, I note that this is a well respected base unit sat nav - even has lane assist!

Racing Nige

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Jul 10, 2009
I got a free sat nav with my Orange phone contract, which was a good deal in itself. Loads of minutes and texts every month for £21. It was at Curry's or Comet, not one of the dedicated phone shops.

It is an RAC SatNav, simple to use, not quite as good as my old TOMTOM (broke when I hit a tree). Still the RAC one works fine and has never directed me into a tree either. Even weirder, when I got my car insurance, the RAC were cheapest and then gave me an extra £50 off because I had an RAC SatNav. Bargain for something I never paid for.

All depends if you are in the market for an Orange phone contract I guess.
Jun 3, 2007
I had the RAC satnav, what a load of toss.
Despite buying it early summer, the software was years out of date (yet the date said it was only 6 months out!) and RAc refused to give me a free upgrade to latest software.
It couldn't find lots of places, some were housing estates that had been around for ten years!
In the end I took it back to Argos & told them it kept turning itself off.
Bought a tomtom - which did find all those addresses - before I connected to the PC.
And when I did connect, I was given the option to download their very latest maps for free.

And another thing, if you drive anything large, don't rely on the satnav - despite being able to tell it I was in a bus/lorry, it still took me through some almost impassable routes.

"in 100 yards, turn right"
"now turn right"
FFS, I can't turn right, it's not allowed. I cannot drive over the central reservation.
At least my tomtom knew that.

Forgot to add. Tesco have some in for £57. Not sure what brand etc but for that price might be worth a look?