Cheap Insurance for 2nd car

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Cheap Insurance for 2nd car

Dec 31, 2003
Can anyone recommend somewhere I can get cheap insurance for a second car. Will possibly be getting a classic panda soon and have had quotes between 4 and 500 pound :eek:

It'll only be used as a secondry car, with limited mileage.

Suggestions welcome

Thanks (y)
Admiral do multi-car policies...Also, ask your current insurer. Noel Dazely would do me a very good price on a cheap shed as a second car - worth asking :)

ooooo sick burn.......:p
I was gonna ask this question 2,

i have to stay with aflux just now and there second car policy wasnt very good, the cheapest i found was elephant, at £450 (for a 1.1 stnd 96 cinq both me n ross insured) it would have to be a single policy as opposed to a multicar as we both have to stay with the pseciaslist insurers for the time being, i tried some of the comparason sites n the best they found was £1200 :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

i think we're gonna have to go with heffalump as they "allow" 5 mods, n we have stuck some wheels on the run around, unless anyone can reccomend anything better??

sorry for the highjack but it is related!
4 years no claims , 4 years driving, and am currently insured with morethan. They quoted £280 fully comp or £240 3rd party

Going to try some of the places suggested above.

Thanks :D
Try Adrian Flux or HIC. I insure 3 cars with HIC 2 in my name and one in my Wifes. It costs me less than £500 a year for all of them fully comp (but i am an old git)

Two are modified (one highly) and both are on limited millage. They can apply your current NCB to your second car too where most companies wont

you can also get a discount if you have contributed to the Forum