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General cheap but effective mods

Might not be to your taste, but you could turn your attention to interior trim. Recovering or repainting is none too expensive.
Just made a new bee sting type aerial.Cut mine in half and sprayed it chrome.Better than the £20 i was going to buy.
Cordoba Front Splitter cost me £30 from the main dealers, debadge it( pull the badges off the back and t-cut the paint), on the front you can unbolt it and fill it cheap spray job,

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Just reading thru the old forums. How easy is it to fit the Cordoba front splitter? I wanna get one an wouldn't mind fitting it myself. Is it acheivable or is it a bodyshop job? If any1 has fitted one to their sei plz post some instructions, as im a student so im dense!![:eek:)]

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Well i currently have an Ibiza front splitter sitting in the garage bcos i bought the wrong 1 its 2 curved for the cinq bumper ;) all u need is drill, self tappers and a hacksaw etc plus a bit of time 2 fit it. go here its a gd guide (i know its a Nova but it gives u a gd idea)

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I've literaly just put a new spoiler on mine. I wanted something other then the usual hatchback type lip. There were about the same price and i think it looks good. It was easy to fit and there was no drilling etc (yay!)

pics no workey

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fittin cordoba or biza splitters is piece ov **** screw em into bottom of old bumper and self tapping screw them into it then cut off ends to desired length reccomend front wheels off and on axle stands i cut out 2-3" out of mine to make curves in the right places

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will it bend round ok then? seen somewhere on the net, some did it to a crapy nova by slitting little triangles out of it, then bending it round the corner. have you done it to yours?

any idea where i can get one from?
you going to the fiat bash at newstead abbey?
have you got a punto engine in you cinq fixitagaintomorrow? i got a 900 sx but want a 1.2 punto engine in it? have any hassel?