So, standard speakers not quite good enough for you? :eek:

Bit of a muppet when it comes to DIY?:bang:

Fear not, for I shall show you how easy changing the speakers can be!:slayer:

Lets Begin!

Undo your plastic door trim from the door.

This is achieved by first removing the 5 screws from the bottom of the panel.


Then remove the 2 5mm hex bolts with an allen key.


Remove the blanking plastic cap behind the door release handle and remove the 5mm hex bolt with an allen key.


All the screws and bolts are now removed from the door. (y)

Now we need to remove the panel. To do this place your hand behind the plastic panel (I found that the bottom outer corner works best).

Give a sharp pull towards you and you will see the blue plastic rivets give way, work your way around the door until all the plastic clips are free.

The door will now only be held on by the window seal. Pull the panel slightly towards you from the bottom and apply pressure upwards, this will then remove the lip from the window/door and allow the panel to be removed! Take care not to drop the panel as it is connected to the electric windows, mirror, door release and tweater!


Place a bit of carpet etc on the ground to rest your door on (dont want it scratched do you). You can choose to remove the cables attached to the plastic trim or work with them attached. I suggest working with care whilst they are still attached.


Remove the speaker cable from the existing speaker.

Using a 5mm drill bit, drill the top from each securing rivet.


Remove the speaker from the door (Laugh out how crap it is).

Using a 3mm drill bit, drill out the remains of the pop rivets.

Brush the swarf / remains of the pop rivets out of the internal door though the drain hole at the bottom.

Cut the existing speaker cables plug off.

Strip back each wire to expose the inner core.


Attach a length of speaker wire to each and wrap with electrical tape.

Crimp the appropriate spade connectors to the far end and if your feeling very fruity attach the grommets to match!

Run the wire through the internal of the door so it appears on the inside of the door, ready for your new bad lads!


Offer the new speaker up to the door and you will most likely find that the holes from the existing speakers are no where even close to fitting.

Mark out the holes around the new speaker brackets with a marker against the door.

Remove speaker.

Drill out new holes with a 3.5mm drill bit.

Remove any swarf from the drilling.

Replace with new speaker and connect to the correct wires.

Using a pop rivet gun. Rivet the new speaker into place. (You can just use bolts or screws however a rivet is less likely to shake free!)


Job Done!

Replace the door skin, first drop the widow seal back over the lip of the door and push down into place.

When the door poppers are in place, thump the door to push them back in. Taking care not to snap them!

Screw in all 5 screws and all of the hex bolts!

Replace the handle blanking cover.

Test for vibration!

(y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y)

Oh and throw the old speakers away!!! They offend me!:devil: