Technical Changing the Front lower suspension arm

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Technical Changing the Front lower suspension arm

Jan 29, 2007
RAF Henlow
Well, I've had a chat with the guy in the garage opposite, and his theory (I gather he's an Ex-REME VM) is that it might be the ball joint on the suspension arm that's giving out and causing the shakey steering wheel, and the little 'forgot to tighten the wheel bolt' incident has made things worse. I'm not so sure, but I want to make sure I've explored every avenue with this one. I drove over to see Argo earlier, and the steering wheel is now shaking when I brake from higher speeds. So, how difficult is it changing the arm? Looking at the picture on shop4parts its only 3 contact/connection points. But is there a lot more involved in this? Is it simply a case of a few bolts, or am I gonna have to suck it up and make a trip to Fiat/other garage if it is indeed the ball joint?
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What do you mean? The track rod end aka tie rod end?
track rod end.JPG

If you have a shake at speed then it's something that's rotating causing it. Was it happening before your "3 wheels on my wagon episode?"

I'd guess the wheel is slightly buckled with the strain of the loose bolts, especialy if it was suddenly worse afterwards

Have you tried swopping wheels front to back?
I meant the suspension arm. Id I had access to the ePer online page I'd show you, but mines on disc D'oh!

I'm having another 'car day' tomorrow, and swapping wheels about is one of the tasks (y) The problem was there before though, has been for a while. Everythings getting a good look at, and to that end, I'm stripping down the whole assembly, discs off, the lot. Hopefully I'll find out what's going on.

I'm still kicking myself for the '3 wheels on my wagon' episode.

idiot :bang: idiot :bang: idiot :bang: idiot :bang: idiot :bang: idiot :bang:

This bit:
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Chris, don't do too much at once as that's a disaster for diagnosing problems.

Swap those wheels over like Decks has suggested first.

You know you want the exercise :D :p
:bang: Excercise?! I'm on leave dammit! :D It'll certainly be the first thing I look at. Looking at the wheel there doesn't seem to be anything wrong, but I guess even a slight buckle that'd be difficult to see would cause a lot of trouble at 60 to 70 MPH. Oh well....back down the garage, get out that big heavy jack :eek:
Yep; wheel problems can fool anyone (certainly fooled me in the past :eek: )

That's the whole point of swapping the wheels over - the problem instantly goes (or moves) and you don't have to guess anymore.

Of course, if it's still the same then you have to look a bit deeper :(
I'm hoping it disapears when I swap front to back. Least then I know it's the wheel, so maybe 100 quid down the swannee for the replacement instead of £godknowshowmuch for any other nasty little surprises that may await me. If it is indeed the wheel it looks like I may be moving back o my 15" steelies :( least til I can afford the new wheel :bang:
That "bit" just can't cause your steering wheel to wobble at speed. You have to have something that's directly connected to the steering wheel that's going around. A wheel out of balance, a bulge in the tyre etc

A worn track rod end or bottom wishbone would just make it feel even worse

A worn wishbone would cause a knocking on bumps or a slackness in steering on corners:)
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Take it to a tyre and wheel centre. They'll tell you what's wrong (and for free)
You may have just thrown a few balance weights. (Yeah right, we can wish):)
Tell them of your little mistake though as that may save time and a bit of scratching of heads