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General Changing rear brakes help!


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Aug 14, 2007
ive recently changed the front brakes on my hgt, but now need to do the rears. I think you need a special tool to screw the pistion back in instead of just pusing it in?? does anybody have one or can tell me how to do it without one because i dont want to spend loads on something i wont use a lot!

Yup can do it with a with a wee square tool (£5-10) from skypes pikavant, or however they're spelt. However its a pain, and getting the proper windback tool for £15ish allows you to do them easily.
I have managed with a pair of pointed nose pliers, you have to twist it and push in at the same time, a bit tricky at first, but once it moves its goes in well. I have seen it said its best to open the bleed nipple and expel the brake fluid as the fluid being pushed back can turn the seals inside out, can any one verify?

Did not bother on mine though, just rammed 'em in. :D
i agree, it is much easier and safer if you have the bleed nipple open.
you dont need a special tool, you can use anything you have handy, all you need to do is push and turn, you can see the markings inside the piston where the special tol would fit, you can use anything that will be able to turn the piston using those marks (longnose pliers are a good idea)
cheers for that, got sum long nose pliers so thats good! im going to get a bleed kit too so dont have to wory bout getting fluid everywhere.


then again if someone has the tool and wants to lend it to me i wouldn't say no!!!
By the time it got to you, seen as the Royal Mail are on strike and the cost in sending it down and back you'd be as cheap buying one. Even that wee wind back cube makes it easier.
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