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General Changing Panda stereo....

Feb 13, 2007
near Great Yarmouth
Am I right in saying that if I take the cassette headunit out of my Active I can't fit a Panda CD headunit because it'll recognise that the stereo isn't in the car it was intended for?

I see there's a company on eBay who'll 'unlock' the stereo but do any of you experts know a way of getting around it as I really want a CD player in my Panda and I'd rather a Fiat one so that everything looks standard?

Here's that company on eBay * click here *
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Doesn't make any difference where your stereo is from as long as you have the security code to type in when fitted if it needs one.
Can be a Fiat one,Kenwood,Alpine any you want.

When the companies say they unlock the radio it means they recode it.
Doesn't make any difference where your stereo is from as long as you have the security code to type in when fitted if it needs one.
Can be a Fiat one,Kenwood,Alpine any you want.

When the companies say they unlock the radio it means they recode it.

Well the company on eBay say:

There are loads of these floating around for sale on Ebay, and many of them are described as having codes with them which is very misleading, as a code will not allow you to use it in another vehicle.

This stereo is specifically coded to the engine immobiliser system of the vehicle it came out of using the very sophisticated CAN-BUS system technology. When it is first powered up, it will communicate with the engine immobiliser, and a message of "WAIT" will appear whilst this process is in operation. If communication has been successfull, it may prompt for a code to be entered. However, if plugged into another vehicle other than the original one, it will not recognise the engine immobiliser and will not allow a code to be entered. Instead it will lock up and display an error message of "CANCHECK". This does mean though, that this model cannot be simply transferred from one vehicle to another without some serious reprogramming.

Surely they're not lying??? :confused:
Surely they're not lying??? :confused:

Liars on eBay? Never! That's probably the safest, most honest website in the whole wide world wide web!

I recently closed my account after it was hijacked, there's been a lot of this going on recently - searching the internet it appears that eBay's servers were compromised, allowing the hackers to get thousands upon thousands of account details, including mine. There's no way I would really have bid $1600 for an Apple iPhone.
I just went through a similar exercise last week. I removed the standard unit and replaced it with a JVC KD-BT1 which offers AM/FM radio, MP3/WMA/ACC from CD, USB (thumb drive or disk) and Bluetooth. There's also Bluetooth phone played through the speakers with voice or (using distracting phone book) dialling - all for less than £200. I now have a sound system with a single removable faceplate that offers various sources, without the need for a large CD changer, and a legal hands-free phone.

Apart from the single DIN fascia replacement, I also required an ISO to DIN aerial adaptor. I also opted to add the KT-DB100 DAB receiver which plugs into the CD changer socket. This uses a screen-fitted aerial which is usually provided with the DAB receiver.

Amazingly this all fitted into the space vacated by the original Panda unit. The "empty" slot is above with the DAB received behind it. The sound is good and the Bluetooth convenience superb. If you are confident it's fairly easy to fit once you have worked out where the extra wires (tethered USB, plug in microphone) have to go behind the dashboard. With ISO connections it's otherwise easy to fit and the whole system - including ignition power and display dimmer (activated by the lights) - worked immediately. It took quite a while to read the manual (available from the JVC site) to appreciate all the options and understand how to use them.

Should you decide to install a JVC system or that of another manufacturer, there are plenty of reputable suppliers (many on eBay - they will have a large number of positive feedback references). I bought mine from Budget Car Audio on the Walworth Road - they have a shop if you live locally and don't want to wait for shipping.

In my case, there's no stereo recoding required and when I decide to sell my Panda I'll just swap back to the original system and probably put the JVC system in the next car.

I hope this information is of help.
Well there's a few cheap single din headunits knocking around, Argos even sell an MP3 headunit for £42 so I think I'll forget all about buying a replacement Panda stereo and go for something else which will be a lot easier to install. (y)
Having not taken out the existing unit yet, I take it i will need a dashboard kit like:


To make the single din unit fit
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The original Panda CD head unit is actually a single DIN unit fitted into a mounting bracket at around the mid point. You'll have to remove this internal bracket, which is secured by four easy to remove screws and a tightly fitted rear fixing bolt - which requires along Allen key or one held with pliers to remove.