Technical Changing a front wheel bearing

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Technical Changing a front wheel bearing

Jun 29, 2003

how simple or difficult is it to change a front wheel bearing? Will I need to have the tracking set again? A how to would be welcomed :D Also do you have to change them in pairs like brakes/suspension?

Thank you :eek:
you need a puller and a press, or take hub off then take it to a garage with the new bearing, get them to fit bearing to hub, then take hum home and re fit it.
tracking wont need setting again
Cheers Dave you are a gent (y) theres only a few of us left ;)

I was thinking, back in the day on my seicento i did a back one which was real simple. I didnt have a puller though so i took the drum off and nut then i put the wheel back on loosly screwed in two of the wheel nuts, then gave the wheel a good yank. it came off like a good-un. would this work on the front?