General Centre Console changing?

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General Centre Console changing?


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Sep 21, 2007
Did a search and couldnt see anything on here, but a lot of you mention changing the centre console from the S model (the horrible one that leaves visible wires etc at the back) to the nicer one on the SX model and up.
I was wondering how it is done...What parts I would need to get, how to fit them, and how to move the things such as cigarette lighter, etc.

Any help appreciated, as im only 17 and don't really have a clue how to go about it!
(I own a 55s 1.1, 1996 N Reg)

You'll need the centre console from a mk1 sporting or GT.
It's just a case of removing the old one...which is about 4 screws and putting the new one in it's place.
Where in the UK are you? I might be able to sort you out with a console.
East coast of lincolnshire :p

Why will only a sporting or GT console work? Will a SX one not work then?
I want the console that goes right down and goes straight down, covered, to the handbrake if that's what can be done?
SX console is the same as the S a few parts.
Lincs...not that far from me then...I'm on the cambs/lincs border just past Long Sutton.
i have just changed mine today as i went to the scrappies and sore a gt rolling in on the van so i grab the cinter console. wanted the spoiler but a lorry went into the back of it so all the back was messed. i will start a thread with my pics soon ok. keep watch.