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Aug 3, 2006
Co. Cork
i got a remote central locking kit on ebay..this is a long shot but does anyone have a wiring diagram for central locking or can anyone tell me what colour wires the central locking work on..i have found the fuse but you cant determine which wire it is!
look at the wiring diagram in a haynes manual or download the manuals from here:

i find it best to access the wires you need at the relay, that is the only common point ofr all the wires so it makes sensoe to access them there, plus the relay is behind the glovebox which i assume is where you are fitting the locking controller.
i still can't find out which wires are which..there are five wires coming from the, red/purple, white, black/purple and grey. haynes doesn't seem to have anything on it..that i could find anyway!
right couldn't be bothered with this anymore..i think i'm just going to get a meta system one. when locking and unlocking will the indicators flash or will they have to be wired?
indicators dont flash on the meta kit, if you wanted them too you'd need to DIY it which is a bigger pain than you'd think.

just fit the kit you have. all you need to do is identify which of the 5 wires are the 2 used for the negative switching, when i did this on my first bravo i used the relay because it is easy to identify the correct wires using the map on the relay.
yes, there is a picture on it showing what each of the 5 pins is

most relays have a map, for example

the numbers on the map correspond to the relay pins, which are also numbered if you pull the relay out and look, you can then attach your new wires to the relay pins, or look at the relay connector to determine the wire colours on those pins and then cut into the wires.

from memory i think the locking wire goes to pin85 and the other to pin87 but i cant be sure coz it was a long time ago, but assuming its a negatively switched system and the usual 5 pin relay used on locking is there then that will be correct unless i'm having a blond moment.
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