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CD Player for Punto


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Jun 22, 2005
I have a three year old Punto and have just bought a Cd player online. However, as anyone will know who has a Punto of this age the stereo is not a pop out one it is actually built in and surrounded by a plasctic facade on the dash.

Having never fitted a cd player before (the one i bought is a standard goodmans) can anyone tell me will this still be able to be fitted easily to my punto?

The bit that confuses me is that there appears no easy way to remove th ecurrent tape player and the current unit is far larger than the cd player. I hope that makes sense!

I would appreciate some advice!


Nov 23, 2004
Sutton, Surrey
Okay, round the outside of your current stereo there are four small holes (I don't mean round the outside of the facia I mean the stereo part). You stick a cocktail stick in each hole and pull the stereo out (the whole facia will come out), you might have to wiggle the cocktail sticks a bit as its really designed to be taken out with a special tool. Once out nip down to halfords and buy a stereo surround that is specifically designed for the punto and replaces the missing part of the facia. Clip that in and then install your cd player cage and away you go.