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Sep 6, 2007
I have a cinquecento sporting which previously had an induction kit on.

I have take the air filter off and replaced it for an original air filter for the car as there was oil all over the carb.

When the filter has been replaced, i have foud that a pipe has been cut off and i have no idea where it goes. There is also a slot with a pipe missing in the same area. They are on the back of the carb (will post a picture later) and the only thing i know about them is that when they are blocked, the engine starts to die so i assume that they must be air intakes but where do they go?

If anyone has this car i would be grateful if you could have a look and if possible take a picture so i can see.

1st of all it doesnt have a carb.its a single point injection.
sounds to me like the rocker cover breather pipe was cut as there was no mount on the(k&n?) filter
or if its a smaller pipe its a vacuum pipe
ah right, that could explain why we couldn't find it in the haynes manual, well there's 2 that are side by side. I can't get the pic on but 1 pipe connects under a blue pipe and the other connects next to it.

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I just found that in haynes

the 1 which is connected is a blue thin pipe which goes by the side of the head and to (what looks like) a sensor at the very bottom front of the car. Any ideas what that is?

sorry to be a pain.
ok i've took bumper off to have it sprayed cos it was in a bit of a state. I can see the crbon cannister clearly now but i've still got a pipe going to nothing and a spare terminal (if thats the right word). We went to the local scrap yard and found a punto with a similar injector where the pipe sticking up on mine goes to the hot air output leading to the air filter.
down the back of the air filter and on the back of the injector, there are some pipes, there is one pipe that changes from black to blue back an forth, then there's a pipe that's just stuck up which we think may have had a screw in it when my brother had the car. then there a spare terminal which doesn't have a pipe
I have take the air filter off and replaced it for an original air filter for the car as there was oil all over the carb.

If there is oil all over the throttle body it means that a lot of oil vapour is coming out of the oil breather, which as nthing got to do with any induction.

It might mean sticky piston rings and lack of maintenance.