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General Car got broken into :(


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Aug 15, 2007
Just had my car broken into last night (Punto Mk2 2000 1.2 8v), they used something to pry the driver side lock apart so now i have a crooked driver side still locks however..just about. Nonetheless, gonna need to get it fixed, any ideas how much it'll cost and if I might be able to buy the lock cheaper from anywhere and get it fitted instead?

also, anyone recommend any half-decent alarm systems that I can get for my car? nothing fancy, just something that would do the job and deter those thieving f***ers from breaking into my car again.

any help very appreciated at this moment because i'm just feeling really crappy and pissed off.

thanks for the quick reply unonumero :)

i'm really quite new to all of this car business...whats the difference between a Cat 1 and Cat 2 alarm? And my Punto is a bog standard 1.2lt 8v with no central locking or any of that fancy stuff. I read a few of the detailed information on some of the alarm systems and some of they speak of remote central locking units and etc etc...would they be able to be fitted onto my car? Or am i looking at just purchasing a standard no-frills-loudnoise-alarm system?

any help appreciated again!

got a 1998 mk1 punto.
was a lil miffed when i found out there wasnt no alarm before i bought it but just recently got a cheap alarm off ebay, received it today along with a central locking kit.
i dont know but it seems too good to be true!
well i will see when try install it this coming week