Technical Car dead?!?!

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Technical Car dead?!?!


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Dec 12, 2005
Car dead?!?! - URGENT!

Last night I put my car in 1st (after driving for about 15 minutes) to U turn up the road, when I let the clutch up, my car just stopped, not stalled..

I had to have a local pizzaboy push my car up the road to my partners house.
When I told my partner to go look at it (like a boyfriend should!) it started fine.
(Usually the case when my car has a problem with it).

But this morning..
I got in the car to start it up and it didn't even rev over..
The lights come on, and the central locking works..
When I turn the key it just revs once and the lights in the dash fade out as the car doesn't do anything.

Whats going on?!
Is my battery dead/dieing?!

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Ok bought a new battery, seems to start up faster than it ever did before..
Going to play my sub and drive about alot this week to see if it's the alternator not charging my battery!
I would check the brushes inside the alternator, if you have a haynes it shows you how and on an 899 can be done with the alt still on the car. There are 2 8mm bolts to come out, and you have to undo a rather tight elec connection but they then come out with a tug. be careful not to lose the plastic vent that's a loose fit underneath the brushes. If either of the brushes are less than 5mm in length then replace them! It's an easy job and a damn sight cheaper than a new/exchange alt.

also, get a new battery as well, as if the alt isn't charging then you can be sure it's knackered the battery as well. The easy way to tell is start the car and turn EVERY electrical item on. If the headlights dim at all (and stay dim, if they pulse with the sub thats another kettle of fish!) then the alt is not charging, and if the engine struggles alot then the battery isn't able to keep 12volts and is draining pretty quick.