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Technical can you help?


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Oct 12, 2007
hi, i am trying to fit a simpe air filter to my 2000 fiat punto elx 1.2, however the standard air filter has a cool air flow pipe and the normal hose. i want to put the filter on the normal pipe but what do a ido with the loose cold air pipe????????
can you help ?
you can remove it, or you can leave it there and try to use it to feed cold air to the air filter. either way you need to get your filter a good cold air supply or you'll lose power. sucking in hot air isn;t good for performance.
yeh thats what i thought i thought maybe if i get the cold air supply as close to the air filter as i can so it sucks in the cold air that should be okay. you reckon that would work?
it cant hurt, but a seperate wider cold air feed pipe would be a good idea.