Technical Can anyone advise?

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Technical Can anyone advise?


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Mar 21, 2013
Hi Guys

I am new to this forum and a mechanical idiot so I apologise if either of these two questions have already been asked.

I recently purchased a second hand Y reg Brava and have a couple of problems, the first one is I did not receive a radio code with my paperwork, the radio is working but if I ever need to disconnect the battery then I will lose the radio,can anyone advise me where I can obtain/purchase the code number for my radio?

Secondly, the red bonnet release handle is hanging down near the pedals in the footwell, is this an easy repair job and if so can anyone tell me how to fix this? The bonnet will release when I pull the handle, but I can't see where it is supposed to be attached to.

Hoping that one of you geniuses can help. :worship:

Turn the radio on, keep TP button pressed until something happens:
If word SAFE appears, radio has code on and will mess itself upon powerloss.
If word CODE appears, you are free to do whatever you want, it will not ask code after powerloss.
Do not press numberbuttons if CODE appears, you are inputting new key for the radio.

Radio code can be eliminated but you need the code in question to do so (input after the SAFE has appeared).
Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated.

I had a quick look at the handle and the ferrule/nipple is missing can I get one of these or do I have to buy the complete handle? Still can't see exactly where it fits into though definitely not easy trying to get my head under the footwell. Who ever designed these things never had to work on them.

As for the radio, I will check that tomorrow. Radio is working fine, just worried as I heard that if I disconnect the battery for any reason it will stop working. As I bought the car second hand I doubt I will be able to get the code if required so I may have to ring a FIAT dealer and see if I can get one.

Once again thanks for your help.
Thanks for the info Charlie, I will have another go at it and see if I can figure out where it clips back in again.

As for the radio I pressed the TP button and got a menu, using the arrow keys I scrolled through and the word CODE appeared so I am assuming that means that it is going to be ok if the battery is disconnected at any time.

Thanks for all the help guys, you're stars!!