Technical can any 1 help ,,

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Technical can any 1 help ,,


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Oct 29, 2005
now got me a piper cross induction kit how do i fit it as it didnt come with the instructions any help would be good,,,
dont know if youve got this sorted yet mate, but hey ho, here we go!!!

firstly, are you keeping the standard air box for later on ie will you be refitiing it at some point in the future?

if yes then you need to get the car up in the air, just passenger side, whip the wheel off and alos the arch liner with the slats in....

undo and take off the top on the standard air box, whip out the filter. make sure the base of the box is loose in the wing, it wont come out of the top, hence taking the wheel and liner off....

if its not going to be used, now is the time for a bit of help from mr bang bang... otherwise known as a hammer :D

take the four corners off and it will pop out the top...

or you have to twist and work it around to drop it out through the gap youve made...

im guessing that the kit is not just a filter, but also has a a feeder neck. this geos from where the feed from the airbox went to the block, through your airflow meter. there sould be a metal colar that fits internally on the neck suplied and also to the hose (feed to the block) fit this then the filter to the end of the feed hose supplied then bingo. arch liner back in and your sorted. if you want to run the cold air feed sup-plied do so (i have a 1,2 so cant help too much here re position, but the lower on the front bumper the better really...) if you want to just go and drive the you have the flexy bit coming from ontop of the rad where there is the black airfeed that comes from the front grill in the bonnet, that will do the job nicely

hope this helps mate
sweet,,, thax for that andy m8 ur a diamond for that,,,will now get on with it today,,,,,thax again,,,,,,
no wories at all fella

if you need anything else gimme a holla or something, think i have a couple of pics on the comp of the setup i have running
might keep u to that ,as still not fitted it,,hopfuly will be this sat,,,so any pics would be great m8