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Technical Camshaft varnish


Sep 1, 2022
1.2 8v 250K kms. Valve cover gasket job and that's what my used Punto's camshaft looks like. No oil consumption, intake appears oily through the pcv hose.
Any thoughts what must be done from now on?


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From now on?
That's pretty bad buildup (and/or rust). Car was neglected/abused. It's like "animal cruelty", but for technical objects, machines etc.
Regular maintenance (religiously) should be done long time ago (for last 100000 km). Now it's too late.
You can clean it a bit with rag + paint remover (maybe gel type) or some other strong/heavy solvent. No abrasives!
Plus engine flush every oil change (once a year or 10000 km max.).
Or full disassembly (head gasket job) if you want it perfect.
Well thats a sight. If the top end is like that I suspect the bottom end is also pretty bad. Is it petrol or diesel.

If it doesnt smoke and it goes OK I would be wary of doing much because the oilways are probably all nearly blocked. You can get detergent oils for diesels and flushing oil to remove some muck buy likely it wontmove that sort of deposit. BUT beware un gumming may cause the engine to knock rattle and smoke like mad as the gum may be holding it all together. I would sell it on while it runs OK.
I also suggest not using any cleaner / paint stripper / engine flush.
Do change the oil and oil filter every 5000 miles from now on - the regular oil changes will gently clean up the inside.

Plus if car only used for short journeys , twice a month drive at least 30km in one go.
Thank you all for your replies. I will try with short term oil change intervals and some flishes to take off as much gunk as possible