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General Cams and steering wheels HERE :D


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Sep 29, 2007
Will a mk2 steering wheel fit a mk1 one punto?
and where can i get cams and pulleys for a mk1 fiat punto GT?
Thanks peeps :D:p
ooooooooooh!!!! well to be honest one isnt really needed then unless it runs like a ball sack with the new cam on :p and just looked at all ya pics of car, looks fukin mint what power you running cuz its not a turbo is it? but should still chip there nutin inside ;)
It is a GT mate. I converted it nearly 3 years ago. Runs about 162bhp on the standard turbo.

I start my new project now though. Breaking the one pictured in my signature.
still no better of with this wheel :( Lol did you get reshimmed wen you fitted your cam?
well a decent mechanic shud be able to do that innit :D no special tool are required are they :S
beta be nice to daddy :S seems he just took my turbo of :D was shagged man :( i was well proud he took it off in like 3 hours, first time aswell there agen he did have a tool joey (me!) :mad: rite im ordering a cam and dropping it on him b4 he whacks the turbo on! make his day :D would be lost without thias site :D and you always have the answersssss GENIUS (y)
still advice goin with a panel fitler cuz i was gonna buy a pipercross?
well just stick with that at the time been then, could be messing around forever plus i dont have the orignal airbox, straight on the rolling road when shes back on the road, they tune it on the rolling road i believe, or do u pay extra to have it tuned? sorry bout this first ever time ive done a project really! :confused: but at least im remebering everything im told :D
With a SEB4 you won't need it tuning the chip does that. They just need to check everything is running OK and it's not running lean.