Calling anybody who uses photoshop???

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Calling anybody who uses photoshop???


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Jan 9, 2007
Hello fellow photoshoppers. This is just a general question TBH. I have been given a fairly hi res Jpeg of a model ship that i need to paint up in photoshop. The model has been sprayed with a rough primer so there is very little tone or reflections in the photo so it never going to look realistic. :mad:
So i have made a start and its fine but the method that im using doesnt give me a great deal of editabilty as i am using mainly Hue/saturation/colorise layers. With that in mind there arent actually any objects just tones over the original if you get what i mean.
So please can people in the know explain how they would go about this? (y)
'Painting over' it is always going to give a pretty dodgy end result....

Personally I'd duplicate the original into a new layer and then cut out everything other than what you want to change colour....(ie if you wanted the hull to be red, remove everything but the hull)....And then adjust HCS using a 'normal' layer setting rather than anything additive....Then just do the same for each bit you want to 'paint'....

Long-winded and still not the greatest solution, but it's what I'd do....(y)
Cheers i think that is pretty much what im doing. Everybody has different terms for different things so is the picture below what you are suggesting.
Im not physically painting over but covering the whole image layer with the desired Hue/saturation deleting it all out and then using the brush and paths to add it back into the areas that i want to show through.


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You've left the lines through the wing :devil:
Im was still doing the lines when i took the screen shot lol. But i have left the clack off of the hull and i cant see the line where it is sposed to go. This is a reet PITA they havnt decided on paint colours yet so im working from reference from dodgy photographs that reflect sky and water :cry: Is is blue, is it green, is it white is it grey lol

But back on topic does anybody have any cool tricks at getting matt surfaces to look glossy. I have underlaid a gradient for things like the windows but this isnt very controlled over a large area.
Your right thats a bit of a palaver i just dont have the time on this job to go that far. Oh well onto no 5 of 6. :bang: