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Oct 15, 2005
Took my punto in for its scheduled service today and having got it home I have noticed a large scratch on the bonnet (n) . Didn't notice when I picked it up as I had to dash off quickly to get back to work.

1) They charged me £1 for screen wash. I filled the screenwash up on Sunday when washing it, it was absolutely brimmed. I hadn't used it since washing it!

2) They haven't changed the timing belt (car was registered april 2001), which should be changed every 72k or 5 years.

3) Forgotten to stamp the service book, despite me leaving it on top of the dashboard. (I was in a rush when picking it up so didn't check as didn't think they could be so poor).

4) Failed to replace brake fluid, is due as it's 24 months old.

5) Lubricate locks and hinges box is ticked on the service sheet but the offside door still doesn't shut properly (door handle does not go back down when you lift it up).

6) Large scratch on bonnet, looks like they've dropped a large tool on it. They didn't tell me about this.

I got new discs+pads, new clutch, new spark plugs. Total cost £728,07. I felt this was expensive, but I can deal with that for another 12 months trouble free motoring...but the above 6 problems make it very upsetting. It will cost me a fortune to take time off again tomorrow and take it to the garage and then walk the 4 miles to work (refused to offer me a courtesy car.. walked a total of 13 miles today..)
Caledonia seem to be getting worse, as now Priory Fiat have shut another manchester fiat garage has to take over the 'worst fiat garage in manchester' title!
Well Ive used them for parts and I have one thing to say:

"Avoid like the plague". I thought they were dire.

If you can get to Blackburn, Blackburn Fiat (I think thats thier name) are well good...
mathew said:
I got new discs+pads, new clutch, new spark plugs. Total cost £728,07. I felt this was expensive...
You're telling me! :eek:
"They charged me £1 for screen wash. I filled the screenwash up on Sunday when washing it, it was absolutely brimmed. I hadn't used it since washing it!"

The washers are checked during the service, normally for strength and spray pattern, front and rear. This takes fluid out of the tank. If you know another way of testing washer jets, tubing and pumps then please let me know.

I agree the bill seems high and the damage to the car is upsetting but it seems strange after spending £700 to quibble about £1.
I went back the next morning and got the service book stamped.

I didn't bother complaining as I'm fed up with wasting all my time complaining, I feel like I'm turning into Victor Meldrew!!

Everything I've bought recently has been a saga. For example I bought a coat in Debenhams recently (full price, not a sale item), found a large hole on the side where the stitching hadn't met the seam. They wouldn't refund me, only offering a repair, and I had a 1 hour stand off in Debenhams at the till even getting the store manager down. He wouldn't help either so I ended up having to get trading standards invloved, etc etc. That took ages to sort out, all for an £80 coat, I spent more in time complaining.

Anyway, back to the car... the clutch is really nice compared to the old one. I knew the old one was a bit juddery but didn't consider it a liability, but this new one makes it so much more driveable I think I'm going to keep the car for another year now.

Some of you guys take such pride in your cars, polishing them, adding extras, etc, that I think this thread is worth keeping as it serves as a bit of a warning , these guys do generally a good job but don't expect amazingly good service.... watch out for scratches.

Whether the screen wash is full or not, it's still a **** take to charge for it even if it's empty. How much does this really cost? Even at retail you can get a 1L bottle for 99p that makes 4L... I doubt you can get much more than 700ml in a punto.. what's that.. 17 pence? It's likely that they're buying it in huge drums, no doubt at half the cost. The £1 is not the problem, the principle of charging you for it is. I know this is not new and they all do it, but that doesn't make it right.

But.. the car is really nice to drive now...and I refuse to turn into a grumpy old bastard :) :)
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I am glad your pleased with the car now, I know it might seem petty but charging for screenwash is necessary. To be honest if a customer of mine complains we remove it from the bill or offer a few more satchets, (garages generally use satchets so it mixes to a fixed concentration in the average washer bottle). Why is it put in? Because some customers maintain that the only people to open the bonnet of their car is a trained tech, and some people seem to be able to make screen wash last that long!!!! Ultimately if you tell the garage in advance you dont want it then they wont use it. Complaining isnt fun, and I understand why you cant be bothered but if you arent happy then you should say so, the garage might be unaware of the problem and may offer to help you.
first of all, my advice on a car out of warranty, dont use a fiat garage, if you have to inc under warranty cars, is make a check list with the service agent. go around the car and point to any damage already visable and sign and get a copy of agreement. when the car is handed back to you, visual the car for damage and service before any payments. if damaged or poor service, get them to rectify at their cost. :)