Technical Cabriolet Roof Failure

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Technical Cabriolet Roof Failure


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Feb 19, 2006
My Mother has an R reg' Punto Cabrio' which she loves dearly and has served her flawlessly, but the roof has now [spontaneously] failed; it will now neither fold all the way down or up again :( . Most of the mechanism appears to work/fold correctly apart from the front-most joint which will not fold/lock all the way open or closed. With the hydraulics "off" you can manually push it into position, but it wont "lock" there.

We've taken it to the local FIAT dealer whose answer is that the WHOLE roof needs replacing, at a cost of £1500.00 :eek: . I find it hard to believe that the entire roof is broken, but (admittedly) I have no experience with Cabrio' roofs (though I'm far from ignorant of Torino mechanics, I own two X1/9s :D ).

Any experience/advice/opinions on this? If it comes to it she will fork out the £1500.00 because she loves the car so much (and it's low mileage etc) but I feel the FIAT dealership [in Peterborough BTW] is taking her for a ride :mad: .

Thanks for any advice,