500 by Diesel 1.2


Out with the old; in with the new:

The Type R will be sorely missed! I popped a few modifications on her to completely change her from standard form; it was a hoot to drive and inspired complete confidence! :worship:

My circumstances and priorities have changed recently so it was the perfect time to get a 500! I've always fancied an abarth which may have been the sensible step (had I listened to my heart!) but running costs, insurance etc had to be taken into account. To highlight my ignorance, I did not even know a 'by Diesel' version existed! After seeing one in the flesh I had to have one! :slayer:

I picked her up yesterday(it has to be a girl!):






My initial ONE day review of the car is simply (y)! It looks superb inside/outside, rides very well over bumps and 45mpg (hopeful of 50-55 in future!) :D. It also has the Interscope hi-fi system, is this standard across all 500s as there is no option on the website? I honestly think the system is on par with my mates Bose in his S3 and I'm extremely happy with the sound.

I will be making a 'how to' on the installation of an armster armrest come pay day and installing a iphone holder! Cheers! :slayer:
Looks fantasic mate!
Even better with the armrest I hope!(y)


Cheers Dom: it should finish the interior off nicely and I'll have somewhere to stick my left elbow on a long journey!

Excellent choice! i love that colour! is a "by diesel" the same as a normal diesel?

Strangely the car is not a diesel, it's a 1.2 petrol model. The 'by Diesel' is the designer brand that has taken the 500 and jazzed the appearance up! Hopefully, I don't put diesel in at the pumps! :eek: