Buying a car???

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Buying a car???

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Jun 15, 2006
right my mate went to buy a car last night, a Corsa :( and when we got there the car was ok so he sorted the cash out and the man selling the car had a log book in someone else name and it didint have the little slip for the new owner on, so we left the car. he said he had to send it off to get the tax sorted out. Did he do the right thing a walk away??? do you need that liltte slip???
When you sell a car the log book goes away and you keep the new owner slip. Why he had the logbook and no new owner slip suggests he has done it wrong.

Then you think 'why is he selling a car he's just bought?'
So he didn't have the green slip?
Looks like he has bought a auction or cheap car just to sell on. In that case aslong as he has the body of the V5 and your happy to pay the price and it clears any HPI check you do, so you know it isn't stolen. Then there isn't ny problems.

If its just missing the yellow section then thats even better tho.
I could smell Bull s*** as soon as he came to meet us, he just had the larger part of the documents and not the small bit the new owner takes. not sure about the colours.