Cinquecento Busy day with the Cinqi


Right so plan for today was to take off and refit my new suspention (-30mm) with new strut tops. got to work and did it at 8:30 this morning :eek: . finished by about 12ish and took the car for a clean at the jet wash.

i then decided to take some pictures :)rolleyes:) of its new lowered looks :D. It hasnt dropped as much as ide hoped in the back but front is lovely. Kit has been on over a week now so has defo settled in (did over 500 miles on it over the weekend) so its defo at its final height. Im probably looking at getting a spax 60/40 kit to make it super low, prob just springs only as these shocks are fine :).

Anyway, sorry about the picture quality, they are digital afterall (n)


But wait, theres more ;)

I then went home and finished off cleaning the cinqi, gave it a full polish and wax (for ACE tonight) and also a hoover and took off the ornimental gasket on the front bumper to even it out (y)

And then took more piccies :rolleyes: bit crap these ones as i couldnt be bothered to drive off the drive.


And thats that :)

See ya at ACE!