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May 23, 2004
Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Hello People,

Have noticed a lot of defectors from the Fiat cause recently so I am declaring my allegience to the Italian exotica marque and pick up my 54 plate Abarth next Wednesday, trading in my trusty, if slightly wonky wheeled, 02 1.6 Dynamique. I have already ordered my Eibachs and looking forward to the extra oomph. Have I done the right thing? Will Hibs win the league?

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Nice one :slayer: plus a good call on the Eibachs.

Is it a selespeed model? You ready for the fuel bills? :eek:
Its a manual, Chrome Grey I think. Was only getting between 27-29mpg on the 1.6 over the last 6 months or so no matter what sort of driving I was doing(one of reasons for changing along with gearbox leak). What sort of mileage should I expect from the Abarth? low 20's?
between 18 and 30 is what i get although i have got it down to 6 when booting it! got any pics phil?

btw im a recent abarth convert too :)
No pics as yet, will post when I get the car and then again after lowering. Its definitely grey that in some light looks greenish. More understated than my present azzurro sprint blue 1.6 but nice all the same.
philmgro said:
Its definitely grey that in some light looks greenish.

sounds exact same colour as mine :slayer: think its called chrome grey:confused:
Welcome Phill thats both of us with the same name ive got the 1.6 dynamic nice to have some more stilo owners thats the best birthday present i could wish for (y)
Finally picked it up today!!

First impressions are very favourable however it is sitting a little high for my liking(something the eibachs will sort out). It feels very planted and quick through all gears and I'm delighted I went for it. Will post some pics when I get a chance.

cheers Phil
Having converted from an Abarth to a JTD (albeit a 156 JTD) I can say the fuel bills are horrendous! I get twice the mileage for the same money in the JTD and performance wise isn't bad at all. I was previously filling every 3 days!
i get between 275-300+ out of a tank not bad for a 2.4. my JTD used to do 400+ ish