Styling Bucket seat restoration/cleaning

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Styling Bucket seat restoration/cleaning

CinqSport_Newboi said:
Does anyone know how to get stains out of bucket seats? or know anyone whos can re-cover bucket seats?

What sort of stains?

Its a serious question! Stain remover, preferable to what made the stain - ie ketchup or chicken chow mein or what?

If all else fails give me a shout, my Dad is a professional car valeter.
If they normal can dry clean stuff doesn't work (lots available from local car store/Halfords) then these bad boys have an upholstery cleaner attachment, don't think anything will clean any better as the difference to a carpet is unbelievable as I used it on 6 month old creme carpet that was never walked on with shoes and the colour of the water that came out was manky!