Punto (Mk1) Broom Punto


Just recently had her lowerd so just wanted you opinions of the car in general, not quite sure on what to do if anything next, maybe just a medium ish tint on the rear lights?





Thanks For looking Guys & Girls of course
Yes i was thinkin of the windows to, aslong as its not too dark, Think that would look rather clean...
I'm liking your Bravo A bit much, Its very tidy indeed :D
Well that’s pretty unanimous, Medium tint it is then... just as soon as i get new track rod ends, driveshaft and other topquality fiat parts :yuck:
I really like that, subtle and clean looking (y) I'm with whats been said already re:tints. I think after that i'd leave it styling wise apart from maybe a subtle splitter on front bumper. Would start to look at playing under the bonnet now.
Thanks blu, yeh i was thinking about a subtle splitter and maybe abarth rear, then it just leaves tints and thats probably it, at least for a very long while at least.
Looking Good!

I wish i had a rear spoiler!!!


You should do the dash bits yellow matey,tasty!

Ive just got some angel eyes on too,looks the biz!

Oh Yes,we have the best colour MK1 too!!!
Ive just got some angel eyes on too,looks the biz!

Oh Yes,we have the best colour MK1 too!!!

I agree broom yellow is the best yellows iv seen on a car, What colour angel eyes did you get? Black or silver? would very much like to see what they look like on yellow (y)
looks smart. seriously mate if you go for tints, dnt just do bk 3 windows. makes it look like a van. maybe do medium front, midnight back or light smoke front, medium smoke at rear
As an experienced gt owner, and superior moder by most standards :p .. I would suggest the window tints & some angel eye headlights.. minimum is more on this car.
hi mate i have the same punto as yours i were wondering how much you paid for your exhaust cheers