General Brooklands 29/4/06

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General Brooklands 29/4/06

I'd love to come but it clashes with the mini version of run to the sun in Newquay and a weekends surfing and fiddling with minis just can't be missed!

Hopefully I'll make a show in the Sei this year tho.

I'll probs be there if I have the 1242 going as I need to get some bits off Alex22.

Probably with CC know the way it works...
I'll be there as usual someones gotta be there to give Mase abuse :)
As ive said in the post, Ill be there (y), with Hayley in her Cento and maybe a couple of mates in their centos, and might get someone to drive my other Red one if i dont sell it by then :chin:
ill try to be there :D as an example of a non-modified, non-sporting :p
What's the policy on showing an absolute shed of a car? :)
i will be travelling down from warrington on the friday.

You could follow me but that would mean you would have to stop over on the friday night.

Its in Surrey
the beasto said:
are you payin for accomadation? or stayin in your cars? and does the stand cost anythink to go on??

if you read that post i posted with the link on it has prices there.

Yes we are paying for hotel well me and some others anyway