Technical bravo overheating help me please this car hates me

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Technical bravo overheating help me please this car hates me


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Aug 28, 2007
Ok The Missus has a Fiat Bravo 1.4s 96. Without warning started over heating, with out cooling fan cutting in.
Water in the expansion tank luke warm, lots of pressure, radiator cold , the breather valve off the left hand side of the water pump when unscrewed slowly only lets out steam. The waterpump was replaced at 44,000 miles and the car has 47,000 but i'm sure these symptoms point towards a lack of circulation any ideas ?:bang:
ok thanks
i will make a start with it . looks fairly new too hope to resolve the prob with out head gasket failing
This is true , i guess to test it just wack it in hot water ?
If you have steam on one side and cold water at the other then it certainly is a circulation problem.:)
I'd give the system another drain down and refill to get rid of any air in the system
Feel the pipes either side of the thermostat and see if you can feel the the sudden surge of hot water when the thermostat opens a few mins after starting from cold. No need to take the thing out then, you can feel whether it opens
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another bit of advice

dont use water in any fiat,

flush system totally when sorted and use the correct spec. antifreeze
otherwise there could be issues down the road

regs dan