General Bravo Fuel Injector light and loss of power

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General Bravo Fuel Injector light and loss of power


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Jul 19, 2005
I have had my fuel injector light on my bravo sx coming on intermittently for a couple of months and then I had a sudden loss of power and the light is on constanltly. It sounds like I am only firing on 3 cylinders. Is this definitely a bad injector or could there be something else to try before I go out and buy 4 new ones? Please someone help me!

It's not definitely a faulty injector, though it could be. If it is a faulty injector, then you only need one new one, not four.
Have you had a recent service, checked your plugs and leads and run some injector cleaner in case it's a minor blockage? These are good first things to consider - if it doesn't work then the light means there is an error code that any garage with diagnostic equipment can read and tell you what's wrong.
Thanks, will try the injector cleaner first, then go from there. Will update as I get a result. Thanks again!
the injectors very rarely get blocked. they usually fail because of a loss of resistance due to wear and tear. a good injector should have a resistance of 14.5-15ohms. check yours with a multimeter. its easy, just disconnect the multiplug at the end of the fuel rail. there are 5 pins, the centre one is eath, the other 4 each lead to an injector. measure the resistance across each of the 4 separately, using the centre pin for your earth each time. a resistance of less than 14.5ohms suggests a failing injector, a very low resistance will be very noticable, ie running 3 cylinders. i had a resistance of 2.3ohms on one of mine. get to a scrapyard and remove a fuel rail complete with 4 injectors, but test the resistance of these first obviously. i paid 20 quid for a complete fuel rail with injectors and used one injector, and now have 3 spare. bargain and easy job only takes an hour max. try it, or if u live near county durham, and your engine is a 1.6, email me and i'll do it for you at a bargain price of £15 fully fitted, i wont even charge u if it doesnt work- [email protected]
Allright, thanks for the info. I checked the resistance at each pin, and it was 15.2 for three. The one just to the right of center measured at about .90 on the 20M ohm setting. So it wasnt low, it was off the chart high. Any thoughts on this? Also, what is the best way to get to the fuel rail? Do I need to take off the entire manifold above it? And I hate to be such a bother, but do you have a pin diagram or know which pin is which injector? Many many thanks!
just out of intrest what is ohms? an were do u find the fule rail? would u find these on a brava?
An Ohm is a unit of measurement for measuring the amound of resistance in an electrical circuit. The fuel rail on the Bravo is directly below the intake manifold, which is the aluminum manifold on top of the engine. It should be the same for a Brava as well.