Technical Bravo door handles!!

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Technical Bravo door handles!!


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Jan 7, 2006
Hello all :). Just a quick question. Does anybody know where I could buy some new front door handles for my Fiat 1999 Bravo? They are in good working order but the rubber on the handles have perished and looks gross! Any ideas?
very common problem on these. like Hellcat says, buy them new or secondhand. also you can buy colour coded ones which are better. mareas have them as well as high spec bravos
Bravo/a handles are rubber and tend to perish, the plastic (often colour coded) Marea handles will last longer and look better if you can get them coded to your car. In the meantime I have found black insulation tape to be fantastic for holding them together, mine lasted the best part of a year :eek:
Thanks for all your information! I like the sound of the colour coded plastic, although I may use the tape in the mean time. Thank you :)