Technical Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Hazard Lights when braking

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Technical Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Hazard Lights when braking


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Jun 30, 2021
Hi guys. I have Bravo for 2 years now and i think that my hazard lights hits every time i hit a brake a little harder then usual braking, okay i can understand bad tires, but can bad wheel aligment be a problem or abs sensor or ABS module or something? Sometimes i just hit the pedal for second and hazard kick in, i dont know does every Bravo has hazard lights when braking, or depends on region or equipment on car?
Yes a Fiat forte! If you have access to MES yoiu can disable this feature. I have thought of this but then think that one day it might alert someone and save a bump, so have left it on. Its often embaassing. Many years back my driving instructor used to say "get them brakes going early" I often do just that just in case. Its easier to release the brakes if you stop a bit too quick than to avoid a bump if you dont stop quickly enough to begin with.
Thanks for the reply, now i know that im not the only person having this issue, i think its to agressive if you ask me especialy if someone love to brake hard. Of course bad tires and other stuff can make this problem even worse
Its NOT a fault

It is a safety feature ..
IF you have to perform an 'Emergency Stop'
that triggers the 2nd phase of the Brake pedals motion switch and triggers the hazards :)
I can try that but i think my abs central has some problem because sometimes on high speed can pull to one side when braking, and i read on internet that Bravo have failure with abs central in early years. My is 2008 so i guess that my central is faulty