Technical Boot wont lock/close!

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Technical Boot wont lock/close!


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Jul 30, 2005

My boot suddenly wont lock,
I 've check to make sure there is no obstruction
I've check the central locking
I think it is more mechanical than electrical any ideas on how i can fix this please?

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have tried the tension cable in the boot, but i think the problem is with the lock in the door

Where would I adjust that?

I have bungees keeping the boot shut at the moment!


Its a 1.6 petrol Mutlitpla (2002)

Where and how would you adjust the lock in the boot door?

I've adjusted the tension in the latch in the boot


i have the oppossite problem??!!
when the car has sat in the heat the electric boot release button is a bit stubborn and requires a couple of tries to get it to open.
anyone had the same problem occur. any fixes possible?
got a mk2 and do not have any cables or buttons to open the boot but i do have a sort of touch sensor that opens it ,this went faulty so took it to main dealer ...yep still under warranty will order part now ...part arrived booked car in following day ..get a phone call 2hours after dropping car off `can`t open boot to replace part `........ brought car home and fiddled with it and hay presto opened with in30 seconds and the only tools used was my finger ....sitting in the boot under the left hand side of the lock is a little leaver just push it and it opens ...told dealer and made them feel very silly :slayer:
hay pete barchetta had the sameproblem,i took off the cover that you press when trying to open boot and sprayed it with wd40 thought it might be a drey connection,intermitent for a few days but now its been ok for about 2 months,which is good considering it wouldnt open at all before i used the juice.hope this day all get roound to putting the cover back on if i can find it.he he