Styling bodyshops in manc

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Styling bodyshops in manc


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Jan 14, 2006
hi guys just joined does anyone know of a resonably priced body shop in the manc area or surrounding burrows cheers
Well the rochdale one should be close enough.

THey did work on my coupe and everyone commented how good of a job they did.

I had some work done on a previous car and it peeled and the bodyshop was near oldham (n)
Give these a call and ask for the bodyshop they have a service garage too.

I & C Corlett
Woodhouse Garage, Forsyth St, Norden, Rochdale, Lancashire OL12 7RF
Tel: 01706 647164

They fitted a new panal, fitted skirts and resprayed both of my bumpers for £600 on my fiat coupe.
i asked this question a while back
try a search ....cant remember wot bodyshops were recommended now :eek:
I didnt use any of them as project was abandoned due to finding a decent bodyshop as it happens lol!
faster4_tec said:
Samiboo is THE best girl on here, she knows her stuff, and has owned just about any modern fiat you can name!

Sammi hasn't had a Cento though :p ;)