General Bodyshops in Lancaster area.

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General Bodyshops in Lancaster area.

Mar 27, 2004
West Cumbria
Just ralised that one of my colleagues lives in Lancaster & commutes to Workington to work :eek:

He has a 03 plate alfa 147 and on his way yesterday hit a badger :cry: he's split the bumper knackered the under tray and bent the front panel.

:idea: I knew Tony lives nearby & wondered if there is any bodyshops nearby he or anyone else could recommend. Also anywhere he could get a used bumper as the old one is too badly damaged to fix.

I told him that the Fiat Forums lad's n lassies were very helpfull especially the panda lot so would ask on his behalf.

His excess is £450 so i'm sure it could be fixed for much less than that, the bloke i know could do it but the waiting list goes beyond Aug :(

I put this here because he loves pandas as well
We find this guy is good... he has been doing bodywork all his life... father and son business.

Ted Roath & Son (Malcolm the son is now nearly sixty he runs the business as the father is no longer alive)

Brook Street (off Aldclippe Road)

01524 65163

OK, finding his workshop is a little tricky as it's tucked away. It's at the bottom end of Dallas Rd, behind Piccadilly garage.

Nice bloke he did the merc we have, the owner of the car had somehow (still refuses to disclose details) hit something very solid and 1 cm wide and creased the bumpers and boot lid and rear panel... got that resprayed for £100 and it looks like new.