Bluetooth module compatibility

500 Driver

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Feb 12, 2014
Hi, I hope someone can help. My bluetooth module has failed in my 2013 500 twinair. I have removed it after removing most of the rear of my car.

Looking on ebay there are several replacements but all with slightly different numbers. Can anyone tell me if the bluetooth modules are compatible across all the different models or if you need to get the exact same number on the barcode? My module has the number 51953535

Many thanks for your help :)



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Mar 8, 2020

On a 2013 car you need a 2nd generation blueme module other than that I don't think there is a difference it is just down to update level which can easily be done once installed

I can;t help with module numbers but try putting the question up in the main 500 forum as i have seen others that strip and rebuild the cars know nore on compatibility.

You also have the option to have yours repaired but i have fixed several just by cleaning contacts and cleanig inside

There is a post I put these details on and the company who does repairs so I will see if i can find it as it was only a couple of weeks ago in this section