Blue & Me and SE K700i Problem

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Blue & Me and SE K700i Problem


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Jul 29, 2007
Hi all

Finally collected my Bravo on 20th September.

As well as a couple of problems (details to come on separate thread) I tried using Blue &Me with my mobile.

It pairs ok but then when it starts downloading the phone book I hear the women start to say "Downloadi....." and then the phone disconnects.

I've tried re-pairing a couple of times with the same result. Quite honestly I think the instructions are overcomplicated. I can build PC's from scratch, install Windows and other programs and troubleshoot but I can't understand Blue & Me.

Perhaps like other Microsoft software you have to close the windows, open the boot and then open the windows again whilst switching on and off at the same time while standing on one leg and reciting your loyalty to Bill Gates.

I think its the phone mate, I have had probs with SEs but not Nokias, Motos etc etc.
Hi all

I've solved it although it defies logic.

1. Successfully pair the phone

2. Disconnect from Blue & Me

3. On my phone go into Address Book---> Contacts ---> Options ---> Advanced ---> Send all Contacts.

4 Press Via Bluetooth

The phone then searches for Blue and Me, connects and sends the phonebook which is then acknowledged on the B & M display.

If B & M was already connected with the phone and I tried Sending Contacts it was greyed out on the phone.

Text messages can be read as well (y)

Cheers all